About TKM-Designs

My name is Trevor Nowalk and I've always had a passion for developing visually striking websites. As a freelance web developer I enjoy meeting new people and helping them realize their goals. Web development has been a long time hobby of mine and in 2008 I started TKM-Designs. I am proficient in creating properly formatted HTML documents utilizing Cascading Style Sheets for presentation as well as Javascript to add functionality. In addition to designing for the front-end, I also possess a strong knowledge of the server-side language PHP for back-end functionality, such as shopping carts, user administration, inventory and content management. It is my goal to utilize all of my skills to provide a product that exceeds your expectations.

So where did the name TKM-Designs come from?

When I opened my freelance business I wanted to use the first letters of each member of my family. Trevor, Kelly and Makenna make up the TKM. In 2010, the birth of my second daughter, Myla, threw a little wrench in the name. So as you can see in the logo I've added a superscript 2, now reading TKM squared Designs. The company is still called TKM-Designs, but I wanted to make sure that everyone was included.